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Ekip Grass produced a turf system that would meet standards. This system, which we call hybrid turf, is a long-lasting and constantly renewing system suitable for use in all seasons.

Hybrid grass is a type of turf known as reinforced natural grass and has been preferred over artificial turf in football in recent years.

The fact that natural grass is not durable and artificial turf cannot provide natural texture in stadiums showed that a new grass system is needed.

This new lawn system should provide both longevity and ease of use in all four seasons.

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Hybrid grass is often used in landscaping and sports fields, as it is able to withstand heavy use and provides a more attractive and durable surface.
Hybrid grass, which we call reinforced natural grass, consists of a combination of natural turf and artificial turf. Hybrid turf is produced by attaching artificial turf systems to natural turf seeds.
The aim is to obtain maximum ground quality in areas where air flow and sun rays are not sufficient.

It is suitable for the new generation stadiums. Hybrid turf application is applied to all newly built stadiums in the world.

Today, many sports clubs have changed their artificial turf astroturf floors to hybrid turf. One of the most important reasons for the widespread use of hybrid grass as a football ground is that natural grass is a suitable ground type for football. However, the longevity of natural grass and the high maintenance cost necessitated the development of artificial turf.

In time, other alternatives have been started to be considered instead of artificial turf in order to increase the quality of the football ground. As a result of these research and studies, hybrid grass has emerged.

Hybrid grass is the closest ground type to natural grass and the ground quality is very high because it is reinforced with artificial grass yarns.

So, what are the advantages of hybrid grass? Why should hybrid grass be preferred instead of artificial grass or natural grass? Let’s examine.


Hybrid Turf

No special maintenance procedures required.

Hybrid Grass Is Natural

Quick recovery of natural grass during the season and regeneration period.

Hybrid Grass

Easy to repair damages by simply replacing sections.

Always Green Surface

Always green surface, even when natural grass has worn out.

Hybrid Turf

Playable 24/7 under almost all conditions.

Hybrid Grass

A consistently high-quality playing surface year-round.

Hybrid Grass Installation

HYBRID TURF  can be installed in situ or as pre-grown turf in big rolls. Installations are typically completed in around 5-7 days when seeded in-situ or in 2-3 days when pre-grown HYBRID GRASS turf sods are used. The in-situ installed fields may be ready to play the first game in 8-10 weeks after seeding while the pitch becomes game ready in 1 week when turf sods are used.

Hybrid Turf

How is hybrid grass made?

EKIPHYBRID® produced a turf system that would meet standards

While hybrid turf is used in stadiums, first of all, specially produced artificial turf is laid on the field. Natural grass seeds are then planted between artificial grass.

Afterwards, hybrid grass formation is determined. As the natural grass grows, it clings to the artificial turf and hybrid turf emerges. Hybrid grass is not a system that degrades over time like natural grass. On the contrary, since artificial grass clings to the ground, there are no breakages. This provides both ease of use and does not deteriorate the ground. In this way, the owners of the stadium enjoy the pleasure of owning a prestigious stadium.

For this reason, many big football clubs in the world are integrating hybrid turf into their stadiums.

Hybrid Grass Cost

There are many companies producing hybrid turf. The important thing is to purchase hybrid grass from an internationally accredited company. It is also important that the company that sells hybrid grass installs the product on the field. Ekip Grass, an expert in its field, is Turkey’s first and best hybrid turf producer. Hybrid turf prices vary according to the model and design you choose. Current exchange rates are effective on the price of hybrid turf m2. For the most accurate information, it is sufficient to contact us.
As Ekip Grass, we are the best hybrid grass manufacturer in Turkey. Please contact us to learn more about hybrid grass costs.

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